Tsunagaro cafe

Mission of “Tsunagaro cafe”

Kurume university hospital subsidized the research budget of the ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare to build career supportive system for female medical doctors. So that it started “Tsunagaro cafe” in fiscal year 2016.
“Tsunagaro cafe” is an original name. It means that female doctors and male doctors, everybody can gather around a same table regardless of gender, “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

Tsunagaro cafe has some mission.
1, We can know each other well.
2, We can make a new connection.
3, We can have relax time free from stress.
4, We can practice our talking skill.
5, We can get more motivation for life.

Every Tsunagaro cafe has a theme, for example, “gender equality association of Kurume university hospital” or “nursery issues all over Japan including Kurume city”. The next theme is “What is career development?”